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  Alex Sayz - Sayzsation



Getting to know Alex Sayz in relation to his music, it becomes clear that this man is a product of two elements: a long-lasting love affair with music, and a purpose to deliver a euphoric existence on the dance floor.

The motif of his life was already set by the age of 15 as he walked into the DJ class studio. From that moment on, he relentlessly devoted himself to dance music and forced the world around him to notice. At such a young age - in order for him to be taken seriously - he arranged his own events where he could do what he does best. This gave him the artistic freedom to stimulate the crowd and develop into the strong and innovative DJ he is today. After over 2000 gigs, few can connect with the audience the way Alex does, in some sense sharing the same pulse, making the dance floor crucial for his own survival.

The turning point of Alex’s productions came along when he teamed up with his friend and producer Nick Wall. The energy that is created with these two producers is timeless. Resulting a massive success worldwide with their melodic dance music in a short period of time.

Being as driven as he is by perfection, he started TopDJ Music with his friend and co-producer Nick Wall. Today TopDJ Music has become TopDJ Records, TopDJ Management, TopDJ Publishing and TopDJ Bookings signing a handful of great producers and artists of the future.

As he continues on the journey of his life; the world has truly proved to be his oyster. Big names believe in him, fans are loyal to him and the dance floor inadequate until he fills the ambient with complete ecstasy. We have only begun to scrape the surface of Alex Sayz’s career.

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