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  Anna Cross & Karin Hill

22.00 - 00.00 CET SUNDAY (1st week per month)


A show, a circus and a punch in the face.

For two years Anna & Karin have been rumbling around most dj-booths all around Sweden, invited or not, creating a minor inferno. With mad energy and pure love of music, these two girls are a natural force to be reckoned with. Expect an eventful performance, a circus if you will - the whole razzmatazz. Once you've seen their bad ass dancing skills à la MC Hammer circa 1990, you'll probably be too spellbound to ever leave the dance floor.

Anna and Karin began deejaying 2009 as “Les Francofilles” in some of Stockholm’s most ambient bars, playing French music, focusing on electropop. Their niche, combined with their love for music and energetic performances quickly caught the attention of some of the most influent club owners in Stockholm.

As their scene grew and changed from bars to clubs, their music range expanded and changed as well. In less than two years the girls have toured Sweden twice with the Carlsberg brand Xide, played in Croatia and the BVI's for The Yacht Week, had multiple clubs at F12, a residency at Hell’s Kitchen, and played continuously around Sweden as well as in different clubs in Stockholm.

Musiken sänds med tillstånd från Stim/NCB och Ifpi.
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